Among a group of 22,000 patients, within 15 weeks, 601 of the patients with whom we had been communicating had made appointments to see our Orthopedic practice. For these 601 patients, the practice had billed just over $1,000,000 and collected over $400,000. The return on investment was well over 10X and the practice decided to continue the program into the next year. The process statistics were just as impressive as the result stats. Our open rate was 3 times higher than what similar, but not hyper-targeted programs achieve. Our click-through rate was 4 times higher and our conversion rate was well over 4 times higher.

As the name implies, this is not normal marketing. This is marketing aimed at a very specific list of people who have a high probability of being interested in the message we are sending. We chose the hyper-targeted population to match the message we are sending. We have over 350 data points on over 80% of the population. We have standard demographics, but in addition to that, we have things like visits to Orthopedic Appliance stores, the amount of money spent on NSAIDS, type of insurance, gym memberships, visits to pain clinics and visits to Physical therapy locations. Using this data, we can craft messages that have a high probability of being opened and a high probability of being clicked through to a landing page. Let me give you an example of a recent campaign. A 7 doctor Orthopedic practice decided they wanted to increase the number of total joint replacements they were doing for non-Medicare patients. We developed a list of criteria to define the kind of patients we were looking for. They needed to be between the ages of 45-65, be members of tennis clubs, golf clubs, gyms or CrossFit gyms. They had to be making more than $75,000 annually. They had to have visited an orthopedic appliance store and be purchasing NSAIDS regularly. Using these criteria and more, we determined there were 22,000 people who fit our criteria within a 20-mile radius from the practice. We began communicating with this group of 22,000.