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The human cell and tissue products used in our stem cell allografts are taken from Wharton’s jelly and tested to the standards established by the FDA. We only ethically source from full-term and healthy donors, and we always keep processing to a minimal, maximizing the viability of every product. Once you invest in these quality products, we then help you achieve self financing growth by utilizing our effective practice marketing tool.

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How to Make More Now & Later

There are two secrets to making more now and more later. The first secret is to invest now into things that will not only increase your practice’s revenue, but will increase the value of your practice as a business so you can get more when you sell it. When physicians who own their own practices get into their late fifties, in many cases, they realize that their 401K’s are not going to have enough money to support their current lifestyle when they retire. When that realization hits, they begin to think about selling their practice. Half of the doctors who want to sell their practice believe it's worth too much, and the other half thinks it is worth too little. The traditional heuristics of practice evaluation focuses on revenue, but revenue alone doesn’t tell the whole story. Imagine two pediatric practices with the same revenue. In one of these practices, 80% of the patients are over the age of 15. In the other practice, 80% of the patients are under the age of 5. Even though they are both currently producing similar revenue, these two practices are not worth the same amount. The practice in which 80% of the patients are under the age of 5 is worth considerably more because the net present value of their patient database is much higher. The person buying the practice will be buying a much larger future revenue stream. Thinking about future revenue streams brings us to the next secret of making more now and later.

Regenerative Medicine With Stem Cell Therapy

The benefits and advances in orthopedic regenerative medicine are constantly on the rise. Stem cell therapy in particular present a wide range of benefits:

- Stem cell therapy allows for measurability of the mesenchymal cell count
- They don’t require painful procedures like auto-grafts or unnecessary surgery
- The body doesn’t reject the stem cell allograft, making rejection drugs unnecessary

Although the body has the ability to heal itself, this ability weakens as the body ages, leaving few options in some cases of illness, trauma, or defect. Regenerative medicine uses and complements the body’s own regenerative ability in order to help the body heal and renew itself.

We specialize primarily in the newest advances in stem cell therapy treatments. Our allografts work with the body, sourcing from only the best, most viable donor tissues. In addition, these tissues are always only minimally processed to optimize the viability. Because the source of your products when it comes to regenerative medicine are so important, the FDA is always increasing oversight and regulation in regenerative medicine and we are fully FDA approved in our processes and products.

Marketing Systems & Advanced Regenerative Medicine

Research has shown the benefits of these medical advances, and we strive to offer every patient and doctor the proven solutions you need.

As one of the most experienced medical management consulting firms in Atlanta, we have seen that a successful practice is a patient-centered practice, and we are proud to offer services that benefit both patients and physicians. Our experienced team of medical consultants know what it takes to help your practice increase its revenue while cultivating a positive reputation with your patients and community. We provide you with the tools you need to provide the best patient care and to achieve maximum profitability.

The many important beneficial qualities of orthopedic regenerative medicine are well known and well documented, particularly stem cell therapy allografts,. At Southern Medical Consultants Group in Atlanta, we specialize in stem cell allograft from Wharton’s jelly, which is both ethically extracted and at concentrated viability, providing the very best in regenerative power.

Self-financing Growth

Self-Financing Growth is growth in which the first step produces sufficient revenue to pay for the second step, and the second step produces enough revenue to pay for the third step, and on it goes. The trick is to have at least the first few steps in mind and know how much they will cost and how much revenue each step will probably produce. The first step should have a low-cost and the promise of good revenue so the return on Investment is good.

I recommend managing and marketing your on-line reputation as a first step. The cost is low and there is a performance guarantee. If, after three months, you don’t like the results, you can get all of your money back. It is worth noting that, while this policy has been in place for years, no one has ever taken advantage of it. This works and has resulted in increases in practice revenue of up to 25%. You will definitely see an increase in new patients.

The Premier Resource For Optimal Regenerative Medicine & Effective Practice Marketing

Contact Southern Medical Consultants Group in Atlanta today to learn more about our regenerative medical products and marketing services. By utilizing our optimal products and effective marketing practices, you will have the best chance at increasing your practice revenues. We look forward to working with you!